Our lawyers possess a transactional expertise earned both as practising solicitors and as in-house counsels at corporations. These combined legal skills enable us to provide legal services that not only perfectly cater for the usual business needs of our clients but also help them successfully navigate  the challenges presented by the negotiation and closing of complex transactions.

From an international perspective, the solicitors at CUM LAUDE LEGAL can boast creditable capabilities in the negotiation of international contracts, as well as in all legal matters relating to the globalization of Spanish companies.

Our alliances with other foreign Law firms and Financial Advisors based on numerous jurisdictions enable us to assist our Spanish clients in the management of their legal needs abroad.

  • Incorporation, winding-up and liquidation of companies.
  • Incorporation of “joint-venture” vehicles.
  • Drafting and negotiation of shareholders agreements.
  • Shareholders financing: loans, profit-sharing loans, shareholders contributions, etc.
  • Acquisitons of companies and businesses in general.
  • Increases and decreases in share capital.
  • Mergers and spin-offs.
  • Drafting of corporate resolutions (secretarial work for shareholders and board meetings).
  • Shareholders disputes
Contract law
  • Distribution and agency agreements
  • Franchise agreements
  • Purchase and sale of intellectual property portfolios (trademarks, patents, etc)
  • Sale of credit portfolios
  • Bank financing
Real Estate and Planning
  • Sale and purchase of real estate
  • Lease agreements (residential and commercial properties)
  • Lease-back arrangements
  • Mortgage-secured financing
  • Condominium and resorts law
  • Legal advice to planning entities
  • Review of cadastre values
  • Processing of planning consents and licences
  • Legal analysis of planning developments
  • Processing of allotment projects (“proyectos de reparcelación”)
  • Court challenge of master plans
  • Legal defence against fines and planning infringements
International trade
  • International sale of goods
  • Review of documentary credits (incluiding stand-by letters of credit)
  • Joint venture agreements with foreign partners
  • International distribution and agency agreements
  • Incorporation of foreign companies
  • Dealing with foreign lawyers on behalf of our clients
  • Debt collection
  • Eviction proceedings
  • Claim of indemnities for the rectification of building defects
  • Court challenge of corporate resolutions
  • Tax planning in general
  • Tax analysis of corporate transactions
  • Defence against tax inspections
  • Defence against tax proceedings for the review of asset values
  • Tax advice for consolidated groups
  • Corporate income tax: tax planning and tax returns compliance
  • Transfer tax, stamp duty and capital duty.
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